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Full-day care
After school care and afternoon activities
Full day care takes place in a healthy rhythm of learning, movement, playing, having fun and taking a break

Rhythmic daily routine
We offer our pupils a rhythmic daily routine with lessons, projects, a mutual lunch break and leisure opportunities.
Phases of intensive, independent learning, practice, work on individually chosen projects, relaxation and games are interwoven throughout.

Health education and training
Our children gather their first gardening experiences by making their own herb beds. This also includes assuming responsibility for the resulting work, from breaking up soil, to seeding and planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. In this way, children learn about life cycles in nature and take responsibility on a smaller scale. Furthermore, horticultural successes improve their self-confidence. And last but not least, children are much more likely to taste what they have grown themselves. Therefore, a garden bed for children can help even the pickiest eaters begin to sample fresh and natural food.

Healthy cooking is fun
Our pupils enjoy baking, cooking and having a nibble. They can gain experience in healthy cooking in our on-site school kitchen.

A healthy diet plays an essential role in our school concept. Less sweets, a balanced diet, vegetables and raw food are all on the menu.

We meet the quality standards of the German Nutrition Society. Furthermore, we have a salad bar, fruit (EU school scheme) and a water fountain on hand for our pupils.

After school activities
As a school with full-day care, we offer pupils an appealing variety of extra-curricular activities in the afternoon.

During the holidays, we offer our pupils a multifaceted program of activities.  
There is something on offer for everyone, from football tournaments, handicraft sessions, making music, forest projects and other exciting excursions.

Rituals connect each other and foster a sense of security. Our school day begins with Good-Morning-Fitness and on Mondays we additionally have show and tell. The day ends by tidying up the classroom.
In our annual calendar, there are events that have become permanent traditions. We celebrate the 100th day of school for Year 1 pupils, Halloween, the Christmas market, Carnival, the Summer Festival and Sports Day.

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