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I can speak two languages
As the job market is becoming ever more international in a globalised world, mastery of the English language is seen a key skill and a fundamental requirement across the board.

Good language skills also open the door to further prospects, in one’s personal development, at school and in employment.
The John F. Kennedy School Erfurt educates your children bilingually. Considering the large appeal and the significant success of our English language classes on offer, we have become a highly sought-after school.

The basis of our bilingual teaching concept is immersion. Over the past 30 years, this method has proven its worth in many countries. The earlier one begins the immersion in another language, the more noticeable the results will be regarding the acquisition of the second language and good school performance in general.
In the English language classes, Maths and Science are taught in the English language by native speakers.

We focus on subject-specific content.
The teaching materials are most often in English.

In the German-speaking classes, the subject of English is taught from Year 1 onwards for 4 hours a week.

As one of the few Cambridge English Preparation Centres in Germany, we offer pupils from Year 4 the opportunity to attain the internationally recognised Cambridge language certificate. As part of the preparation for the test, pupils receive an additional hour of English lessons per week.

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