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Mission statement
Our school educates your children bilingually. Considering the large appeal and the significant success of our English language classes on offer, we have become a highly sought-after school.

Our school concept is influenced by the progressive education principles of the Montessori Method of Education, as well as the state of Thüringen’s curriculum framework and our bilingual syllabus.

Key areas include the continual improvement of linguistic skills and the development of a fundamental understanding of mathematic and scientific correlations.

It is our goal for pupils to ‘learn how to learn’ and to complete activities at their own pace, in a focussed manner. We provide the opportunity for a continual education from Year 1 to the Abitur.

Our guiding principle:
Empower children,
so that they find their way.

We have created a learning culture where talents are developed and supported, and diversity is highly valued. Every individual has the chance to realise their full potential. In competence-oriented lessons, knowledge is systematically built upon. It is our goal for pupils to apply knowledge autonomously, overcome challenges and act independently.
Our profile is language, media studies and natural sciences.

The basis for an effective acquisition of skills is direct communication between teachers and learners, emotional and physical security as well as a trusting and respectful relationship between pupils, teachers and parents.

The children themselves are always the focal point, motivated by their enjoyment of discovery, their desire for friendship and to look up to role models, whilst searching for their own identity, as they forge their path ahead.

We provide the framework for this, which is continually developed as the future dictates.
It is of particular importance for us, to be able to rely on each other, whilst overcoming challenges and tasks together, in an engaged, responsible and problem-solving manner.

Our educational diversity is reflected by the support on offer in the areas of social relationships, diagnostics and counselling, differentiation and independent learning.

A trusting cooperation between parents, pupils and teachers empowers our pupils on their path to adulthood.

Our school is a place for living and learning, and provides an optimal learning environment where each pupil is supported individually. A school which strives for success and in which pupils can always find someone to help them.

John F. Kennedy School Erfurt
Am Rabenhügel 10   
99099 Erfurt
Tel +49 (0)361 78982460

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