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Upper Secondary School consists of an introductory Year 10, whereas the following Year 11 and 12 are qualifications for the Abitur.

Admission to Upper Secondary School is possible for pupils who have either finished Secondary School with the requisite grades, or successfully completed the qualification course in Year 9. The introductory phase begins in Year 10 and lasts for one year.

All subjects are taught at Classification Grade III during the qualification course in Year 9, for the attainment of the general university entrance qualification, and the introductory phase of the Upper Secondary School.

During the qualification phase, the key subjects (Maths and German) are taught for five hours a week at an advanced level. Foreign languages, one science subject as well as a social science subject are each taught for four hours a week.

All remaining subjects are taught for two to three hours a week at a basic level. The seminar course is geared towards the methodical, social and personal competence expectations of university and the workplace.

Abitur exams
The Abitur exams include three written exams (advanced courses), one oral exam as well as two additional subjects chosen by the pupil.

The examination subjects must include at least two of the three subjects: German, Mathematics and English as well as one subject from each task field. A new subject in the qualification phase cannot be an examination subject.

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