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Teaching concept
School as a place for living and learning
The John F. Kennedy School Erfurt is a school which provides full day care.
We ensure that our pupils receive a successful education by providing optimal learning conditions such as: small class sizes, double periods, no lesson cancellations, learning strategy coaching, bilingual classes, Montessori education practices and individual learning support in small groups.

Pupils are taught in year groups and remain in their respective classes from Year 1 to Year 4. The tutor usually accompanies their class for four years. Classrooms are configured with a wide variety of learning resources. Pupils learn independently, in pairs or small groups, as a class and also as part of the whole age group.
We are a school without homework, with revision and extension tasks being integrated into the timetable. Pupils can choose to take learning resources home or to leave them at school.

Double period lessons enable pupils to immerse themselves in their learning whilst also having more time for revision and practice tasks. Pupils have no more than four different subjects each day. The 90-minute lesson time creates more freedom to produce methodologically diverse lessons.
Pupils apply their acquired knowledge in discussions, when sat together in groups, by giving presentations and by creating educational materials.

Individual differentiation
After completing a systematic diagnosis of a pupil’s learning requirements and outcomes, we analyse their learning curve. Targeted strategies for individual differentiation are derived and put into practice. This takes place in extra learning rooms, such as the Montessori room. Pupils are supported in their individual learning by our teaching assistants and staff from the afternoon care. We also differentiate for gifted and talented pupils.

Use of digital media
Our classrooms are configured with projectors or Smartboards. Pupils also learn with iPads, as well as using traditional school materials.
Individual learning progress reports for Year 1 to 4
The feedback from the subject teachers serves as the basis for the learning progress meetings between the parents, pupil and class teacher. The twice-yearly reports are then produced subsequently on the basis of a standardised learning progress form.

Until the end of Year 4, pupils receive a report split up by subject. This is their end of year school certificate.

In contrast to graded reports, the learning progress of your child is described in detail. From Year 5 onwards, pupils receive reports with grades.

Feedback culture
Our feedback discussions are solution-oriented and a key part of our school culture. They serve to promote transparency and give orientation. They are the basis of, and a vital instrument for, quality assurance within the school community.

We use a wide range of reading methods and strategies to promote the systematic development of reading competence. As a result, reading comprehension is supported in all subjects.

Step by step, taking a variety of cooperative strategies into account, pupils learn to compose texts, make revisions and assess the quality of their written work.

Learning to learn
Learning to learn means that pupils acquire fundamental skills in the methodological and social configuration of their learning strategies.
We integrate active forms of learning (weekly tasks, independent learning) into day-to-day lesson time. As a result, pupils receive more opportunities to be active in their learning and to independently process, research, experiment with, present, practice and review new information.

Extracurricular learning spaces
We regularly use extracurricular learning spaces in conjunction with specific lesson modules. As a result, pupils are able to make connections to the topic of focus.

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