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What we offer
John F. Kennedy School in Erfurt is a bilingual all through school offering provision from Years 1- 13. Our Primary and Secondary School collaborate closely with one another providing a seamless transition through the educational phases.

Our School offers the following qualifications:

Secondary School Certificate
Those who successfully take a final exam at the end of Year 10 acquire a Secondary School certificate:
1. Written Part
2. Oral Part
In addition, project work (in groups of 3-5 students) on an interdisciplinary topic must be completed for the Secondary School leaving certificate and presented to an examination committee.

Upper Secondary Certificate
The school-based part of the higher technical education entrance qualification is earned by those who achieve the minimum number of points in two consecutive semesters of the qualification phase, including two advanced level subjects (vgl. §82a THürSchulO).

Proof of at least one year of professional activity is also required to acquire the higher technical education entrance qualification.
Prerequisite for the transition to Upper Secondary Level
Students who have at least a grade of "good" in the subjects of German, Mathematics, English and  an elective subject taken at the end Year 10 and who have completed Secondary School meet the requirements for transfer to the Upper Secondary School Level. They enter the Upper Secondary Level in Year 10 (introductory phase) and do not have to take any further exams.

Students who have already successfully completed the qualification-related course in Year 9 for direct transition to the Upper Secondary Level take part in the special performance assessment (BLF) in Year 10, in the introductory phase.

The general university entrance qualification is awarded to those who pass the Abitur examination as part of the overall qualification.
The Abitur examination is divided into:

• 3 subjects (with higher standards), including Mathematics or German - in writing
• an oral part
• 2 subjects of the student's choice (1 exam can be replaced by a seminar subject)

The examination subjects must include at least two of the three subjects: German, Mathematics and English, as well as one subject from each task field. A new subject in the qualification phase cannot be an examination subject.

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